Music Production

Me-on-Guitar-In-StudioDo you have some great lyrics written with no music or musicians to help compose the music? Fret not, I offer extremely high-quality music production in all genres of music. Not only am I a professionally trained musician, I fluidly play several instruments and have access to some of the finest musicians in my area and abroad. I also have most of the popular instruments and virtual synths from bass, strings, horns, and piano, to soft synths, sound effects, and cinematic sounds. I have all the tools you need to produce a great song!

What You Get

  • Fully produced MP3 and Wav File of your composition (Balanced mix only)
  • Up to 6 instruments of your choice
  • Proper levels in tracks so that they are ready for mixing and mastering


As with mixing and mastering, I offer a flat rate for music production This easily takes the money factor out the picture and allows us to concentrate and focus on getting your music done.

Music Production Package $350/song