Studio-2The mix of your song is by far one of the most important aspects of getting your music to a competitive level so that it is able to compete with current radio standards and trends. Since every song is different, I will approach your mix with a fresh and new perspective, giving it the edge it needs to be considered a professional track.

What You Get

• A clean, professional mix with proper levels prepared for mastering
• A proper mix according to the genre of your music
• An MP3 and Wav File of your finished mixed


We provide editing for an additional cost and is determined by the nature of each mix. Editing includes pitch correction of vocals, compiling multiple takes of vocals and instruments, and drum quantizing and positioning.


I like to include your feedback in the mixes I do. Your input is very important in getting your music where you would have it be. After I do my initial mix of your song, I provide up to 2 mix revisions based on your input. So should you want your vocal turned up louder, of your drums turned down a bit, no problem. I have found that this 3 mix approach works really well for getting my client’s music to a satisfactory level.

Mixing Rates

I charge flat rates for mixing. This makes it easier for you as a client to have one price and not have to worry about any hidden fees or costs. This model has worked extremely well for clients over the past decade or more.

Standard Mixing Package-$350/Song

Professional Mix / Up to two mix revisions /High-quality MP3 and Wav Files

Learn It Mixing Package-$600/Song

Nowadays, everyone is getting into the home studio recording business. We have our own studios and we are recording our own music. I believe it is important that we learn the craft of proper recording and mixing so that our musical creations are of professional quality.
This package includes everything in the Standard Mixing Package, plus an in-depth video tutorial of how I mixed your song from start to finish including plugins used, challenges and solutions.

Your Choice
If you are someone who simply needs professional mixing for your song, then the Standard Mixing Package is for you. On the other hand, if you want to learn the craft of mixing by going through a step by step process of mixing your own song, then the Learn It Mixing Package is the way to go.