Mastering can be thought of as Photoshop or makeup for your music. It is the important process of taking your mix and giving it the finishing touches it needs, and making sure that your music translates well on current listening devices such as iPods, car stereos, boom boxes, etc. It is the building of continuity among all your songs so that they fit together as a whole. It is also the process of bringing the volume of your mixes to commercially acceptable levels.


What Mastering Is Not

What you should know is that, mastering will not fix a horrible mix. If say you live by an airport and while recording vocals in your song, the airplane noises got into your recording and was not handled during the mixing stage, mastering will not fix this or any other inherent issue you have in your music.

That said, mastering can take your professionally mixed songs to a level where they sound their absolute best and are competitive in the music industry

What You Get

A professional master that is competitive in loudness and texture of that of radio standards through the use of

  • Proper EQ and Compression
  • Limiting and Loudness maximization
  • Proper fading of tracks
  • Professionally dithered MP3

Mastering Rates

As with the mixing rates, I offer a flat rate on mastering. Again, this makes it a lot easier for you to not have to worry about any hidden fees.

Mastering Package $150/song

Professional Master /High-Quality Dithered MP3s ready for digital and commercial release