Studio-1I have found that the key element in getting a great song to sound great starts with the writing/composing process. What most people do when they sit and try to compose music is go at it blindly without any concept of what goes into making a great song.

They start with a great idea and when they put pen to paper, they have no idea where to go with the song or how to build it into something meaningful. Thus, they end up with at best mediocre results.

I offer consultation on how to write a great song and answer questions like, “What comes first, the music or the lyrics?” “How may sections should my song have?” “what is considered a bridge, chorus, verse, etc” Learning these techniques are crucial in making a great song! Make no mistake, all of the great artists know these techniques and more, which is why they continue to make great music.

Should you want to take your songwriting and composing to the next level, the consultation package is for you.

What you get

  • 1-hour consultation on Skype or by phone conference
  • Strategies to take your song to a professional level
  • Learn where to start with your song
  • Learn what is considered a great song and how to go about getting your song there
  • Learn the cure for writer’s block (It’s not what you think)
  • Ask any pending questions you may have been wondering about
Consultation Rate $75/hour

Why Should You Trust Me?

I get it, you came across my site and you don’t really know who I am right? Well, I have literally been in the music industry for 25 years. I have worked with and shared stages with professional artists as a musician, engineer, and songwriter. I have written and produced countless songs including some that have been on radio charts. I also have a B.A. Degree in applied music. I have furthered my education with countless seminars and online courses. I have learned and applied the key techniques and secrets that professional artists use all the time in their music. When you get the consultation package, you get access to all these techniques and you’ll be composing great music in no time